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Mad Media Movement (M3) is an opportunity for global professionals to participate, learn and discover what’s next in the realms of technology, brands, entertainment and media. Through a series of diverse knowledge tracks, gain vital insights by exploring the potential of artificial intelligence, blockchain, communication design, future social communities and other dynamic technology trends which are set to radicalize the Entertainment and Media space. Mad Media Movement Conference is the place to be!

Mad Media Movement (M3) will bring together a beautiful blend of crazy and creative beings, to indulge into a series unimagined possibilities and demonstrate how the most surprising revelations can happen when distinctive subjects and individuals come together. Through an infusion of bright ideas, inventive approaches and ingenious solutions, the Mad Media Movement is your information port on some of the latest and upcoming stock within the Media and Entertainment universe.

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The invention of the printing press over 5000 years ago is what led the transformation of media by enabling the masses to access written words in the form of fliers, books, newspapers and multiple other formats. Followed by the invention of the camera and television as well as the progression of wireless technology the 19th century witnessed the introduction of cinema and broadcasting. With the entry of telecommunication services and the internet, media and entertainment consumption patterns went through a major overhaul with introduction of search engines, social media and on demand entertainment.

Innovation is the only way one can add something new to an existing product or process and all innovation begins with creative ideas. Creativity as an attitude is the ability to accept change and newness, backed with the willingness to play with ideas and possibilities. As such, it is the key ingredient of success or even survival in today’s dynamic and highly competitive market.

What makes creativity so much more important in today’s context? It’s the nature of end users and their expectations from what they consume. Firstly, the large number of choices they have today, each promising to be better than the other; followed by the advent of technology which has given ultimate power to the consumers - the power of information. The challenge for brands today is how to best connect with customers through multiple touch points in real time and create campaigns which can create a strong and lasting impression.

India Scenario

As a growing economy poised to become the fourth largest in the world, coupled with an increasing per capita income, India has witnessed a surge in the domestic demand for leisure and entertainment services. A strong mobile penetration fueled by high speed data services has been pivotal to the transformation of the Entertainment and Media industry in India. Maturity of the digital infrastructure has uplifted to gaming as a segment, which had witnessed significant growth in 2017. Concurrently, the surge in international revenues generated by the film industry goes to prove how India is regaining its stature as an efficient and high quality outsourcing destination led by the growth of animation, VFX and post production business. Live events have maintained a stronghold because of increased spends by tier two and three cities as well as growth in sports events, premium properties and activations. Television on the other hand, has evolved with the digitization of television homes and increased viewership of sports and non-fiction programs, particularly in regional languages. Print media, OOH and radio were impacted by demonetization and GST, but are now on track to steady recovery.

With India’s bandwidth infrastructure set for explosive growth, there will be definitive enhancements within the space of design, artificial Intelligence, payment gateways, augmented reality, OTT platforms and several other digital disrupters. Technology led transitions within India’s M&E industry are currently battling it with traditional organizations to gain a larger piece of the consumer and revenue pie.The Indian M&E sector reached INR 1.5 trillion ((USD 22.7 billion) in 2017, a growth of almost 13 % over 2016 and is expected to cross INR 2 trillion (USD 31 billion) by 2020 at a CAGR of 11.6 %.

Delegate category

Mad Media Movement demonstrates that the most surprising revelations happen when different topics and people come together.

  • Advertising agencies
  • AR & VR solution providers
  • Artificial intelligence solution enablers
  • Blockchain consultancies
  • Brands and renowned corporates
  • Broadcasting houses
  • Design agencies
  • Event management companies
  • E-Sports and gaming enterprises
  • Film and entertainment community
  • Information Technology firms
  • Marketing and advertising tech companies
  • Media buying and distribution agencies
  • OTT platforms and media service providers
  • Print publications houses
  • Production houses and studios (film & music)
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Social media agencies
  • Telecom companies
  • TV and radio broadcasters


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